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noticed that her teeth began to decay and since then five teeth
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hectic and Borelli gives another of equal singularity in
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pain either from irritation or aflbciation. and then falls into great pain
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granules and hence are known as finely granular cells.
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o tlie buildings. The offioers and isolation wards are now
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the maximum amount of accuracy and to examine at the Rikshos
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ment itself being unaffected. Sooner or later it becomes inflammatory
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menaced by ignorance indolence a athy and prejudice. The only
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and sheep had been exposed and not one suffered. Only bovine
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heit eines Maunes nach deni Bisse eines toUen Hundes.
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made on the blood of fowls and repeated since with the same
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ive treatment is contra indicated if the lung disease is acute or very
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of the second week she began to eat well sleep better
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tory and symptoms w ere sufficient to establish a clinical diagnosis
remaining perfectly clear until the last moments. At the necropsy there
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The obstruction was not as complete as the symptoms and X ray
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after the complete subsidence of the angina although
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mother s self respect restored and many sturdy infant
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Corns are caused by overparing and thus weakening the horn
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taken twice or thrice a week preferably at night An occasional
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Okayama Igaku Kwai Zasshi. Magazine of the Society of
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For the less fortunate who are not really able to pay the stipulated

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