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of a child s head covering the gi eater part of her face.

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knowledge of the existence of such a disease would have brought to those

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ascribed to the same cause since no tubercles develop in the

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that a number of good observers have excised indurated

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In the double ward there were eighty four or eighty eight

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the same author. Among other interesting things he finds the

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and palpation the presence of the colon passing over its surface. The

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cations at various seasons in different sections of

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ior at the time should be accompanied by a reterence.

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authors had published pictures in some of which the pubic extremities of the

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the blood. Its effect is to greatly diminish the number of the red

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uninterruptedly well. He scarcely felt the shock of the opera

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employed on account of the phosphates of lime and magnesia they con

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Bier of Berlin in which at a second laparotomy many perigastric

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responsibility that they discover their weakness and the very limited

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the influence on heat regulation which may be exerted by dextrose.

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hopeless case. I gave a drench composed of aromatic spts. am

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reliable. It was excessively difficult in dealing with

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the same proportion of case syncope and gangrene alone are men

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vania who have generously furnished the State Live stock

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the vigorous contraction of the internal os. This is in favor of

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is extremely probable that the coagulum would have been

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symptoms of cholera. We have repeatedly placed badly infected

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physician and even the most experienced often find it difficult to

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good heaUh three years afterwards. Since then however the

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The second class were the malarial diseases an unfor

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ject The nervous branches to the stomach may be traced

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Arsenic is sometimes applied in the form of a paste made

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inflammatory action. If the disease commences in the cancel

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Royal College of StrEGBONs in Ieeland. Fellowship E.x

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the sun more or less powerful. Animals at this time are more

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But the fact is they very seldom do wish or require to produce

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Club says this program is the best of its kind in the

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in the consequence is that the air sacs collapse. For our knowledge

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