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letter to this Jouknal some time ago October I l nd

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hurtful to those already attacked.. Dryness is a quality of

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myelocytic is suggested by the fact that both are myelogenous

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quality being produced. Whereas in over million potmdt

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Andromachus his method of treating carious teeth Hist.

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perienced in operations upon the uterus but was overcome to some ex

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the measles ceased the smallpox continued to the end of the

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anaesthesia and must be watched carefully. Animals with respir

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aged to the chronic invalid or to the sufferer with

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which is ahected by mental disease the presumption of incapacity

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marriage the girl have sexual intercourse with another

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against regarding persons exclusively as purely physical objects

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corresponding changes which take place in their ganglia.

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and matters pertaining to our profession are keeping step with

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a id the raids of the northern and southern armies caused the

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fession in Europe and America has declared so steadily in favour of

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arise till after puberty when the gradual dilatation of the lateral vaginal

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of cases however the disease is a protracted one extending over

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or inflammation by irritation and congestion. Among the irritants

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anastomosing branches being given off from them and go

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optic nerve. Schmidt after further experiments established the

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