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an improvement began and has continued till now th June

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patient suffering from this disease expectorated pus but no perforation could

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The operation is not so necessary to relieve the sN mp

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symptom and even then an intermittent cedematous engorge

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Are the members of the profession of this Province taking

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and irregularly concave surface looking toward mediastinum

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portion of cases without iridectomy. The use of cocaine

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For this purpose a one per cent solution in water or

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spinous superior mandible hooked acute tail very long

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speech. It was only after an interval had passed and

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settled will the Journal admit the same plea and on the


parasites. The new parasite differs from the malignant tertian

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tarrh. Dr. Kraus of Vienna in speaking of his recent

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viscera which promotes herniation through the pelvic floor. j In some

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and hence capable of be lt oming a cause of fever under the

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rising to beats in the miniute and the head becomes painful.

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the flov of an irritating secretion emanating from the

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partial insanity whether moral or intellectual his exposition

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compress is placed around the chest and renewed every two hours. Such

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On the morning of Thursday September an Irish woman carrying

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is that the pigmentary syphiloderm appears independently of any

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summarized in pre war days by Dr. F. Sandoz Medical

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Thus far we have been supposing that the acute disease is so weak

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ception of one case never exceeded a week. The writer

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