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that these diseases may be prevented by spraying with the Bordeaux

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To sketch the career of those who have illustrated persever

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very much thickened with extensive ulceration of its

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Case was an enormous dermoid tumour of right ovary

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membranes of the pharynx the hard palate and the fauces.

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In of the reported cases Dietze an injury to the thoracic duct

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be adopted provided that the two Corporations the Colleges

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strictures of the hospital authorities. Accordingly he sent

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in which heredity played a chief part secondly cases between

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the Lock Hospital for gonorrhoea and syphilis. The hymen was

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of the axillary lymphatic glands. There was no family history

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phosphorus which it contains in an oxygenizable state.

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down hut year after year and that he was in consequence

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the integument is indurated from coming in contact with the ground in

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explanation I think of the less frequent abortions now is the

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translucent or opaque coagulable lymph causing adhesions of the

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leukemia in man the authors expressing the view that pseudo leukemia

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rior horn of the spinal cord the efferent or motor nerve

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liniments and perhaps a vesicant will be necessary if the

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