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flame of a candle or other light near to the part the vapour

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simulated flight task Companng pnmary performance to

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absolute deformity. This mai k known as the Bedford Hump he has

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nant growth. Hence it was suspected to be the seat of cancer. The

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motor spasm. This assumption is corroborated by the

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expected from it. The galvanic current alone is used

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but dissatisfied with her condition she returned a few weeks later for

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by my friend and colleague Dr Monro jun. and proved extreme

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by thickened and adherent pleura and a thin layer of pulmo

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so called peripheral school which interests particularly any surgeon who

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determinations. The carbon dioxide combining power of the blood was

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containing analyses of forty three of the more noteworthy and

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brouglit together immediately after the completion of the

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lar lesion we very frequently go to the sub oecipitals and inhibit them

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ing steadily to convalescence on the twenty third day from

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I correction they are far more likely to attempt the same sup

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tion but the University in our judgment has presented

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from the study of the life and pathology of the organ. In

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were lost and disgraced that have gone to those institutions and have

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After a time the spasm of the glottis relaxes a little more

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tion which is the bugbear of the ordinary witness. In this con

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