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Anointing or inunction is one of the primitive pro

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is diftributed to every part of the body. Thofc nerves which

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fully violate any rule or regulation so made and promul

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ous ably written papers on the subject are to be found in the

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amount of tireless labor in any other calling would yield

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any town could get a charter for a school without giving

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bling scratching out this time not what we saw but what we

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practical value to the general practitioner or surgeon and

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the hemostat while the kidney is being replaced and

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This bacillus took on varying forms according to the culture

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industry and public spirit of Dr. Cliarles Rice the chairman of the

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Enjoy a different Florida with tropical jungle gardens

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F. in the open air showed that in one minute his temper

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tines and in the case of both the musculature was laid bare. The

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the University of Michigan has requested the Board of Regents to authorize

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greater curvature and the body of the organ were outside

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Branch of the Countess of Dufferin s Fund was recently held

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tissues. Lardaceous deposits and fibrous hypertrophy at

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enfeebled and their constitutions shattered with opium colchicum

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April fever prevailed to a greater extent in the north west

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sented in the meantime but the proper description of this im

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of the small forms. Filtrates through Berkefeld N filters of these

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Prof. Robert Tigerstedt Professor of Physiology University of

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in. By the end of May the pharynx and drumheads were normal

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an ebstnictioo to the vital operations and oonseqnendy to the Hfb of the

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attained his fiftieth year he began to take inventory

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From the blackish mould left in the impressions of the

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But if the modern physician with benevolent intent in his endeavors

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tions the so called junior and senior represent a wholly inadequate performance

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