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that in man much variation would be observed as compared to these
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in the blood serum of animals poisoned with phosphorus.
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tigators and for the details of this work the reader is referred
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cancerous mass yet their channels were clear and their walls
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specific references to limited licensed practitioners contained
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piece of plain mirror at a spot where the quicksilver had
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The operation is not so necessary to relieve the sN mp
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there is often a small rope of mucus called by cattle
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of applying such correction as an ametropic observer
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careous deposit but one is certainly not justified in making a negative
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reappeared pain very severe. Chloroform had to be admin
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ous condition. This is an indication that the medulla is
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K. Lynch Chairman of the State Industrial Commission
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lamentable consequences. You should therefore never omit to
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adult four or Ave should be used in less robust persons
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Mix and divide into twelve powders. Dose same as above.
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there are especial reasons for preferring works on practical subjects
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was the appearance of the growth on a medium composed of eggs
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process of implanting one disease on another nor by
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deformity which include valgus and calcaneus and which
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affords a copious calcareous fediment with a folution of fait of tartar
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James Bell Patient was etherized and an incision made about
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mations of the entozoa are then noted as also is the recogmtion
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to ruminants. Besides cattle it can be transmitted to sheep
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tunate Michael Servet leslilies who on the prosecution
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Another curious circumstance was that during the hepatic affec
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clinical but with subsequent bacteriological control. The cases
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healthy part of the canal itself which would answer every pur
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has been for years dragging to the ground in the pessary and
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covered to have arisen from a quantity of fatty matter and long
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with is of a very different character. The diaphragm is the essential
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experiments. Either histamine exerts no effect upon the diameters
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dimensions re establishes the cul de sac of Douglas
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tained. The quickest methods probably are those in which a surgical
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that the effects generally observed in brucia poisoning
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rather than through the atmosphere and the disease ought in our

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