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He also read a communication from Dr. Rinonapoli on the suc

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the bulb and the branches extending to a point midway be

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mand large quantities of food and stimulants but should

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physician but to my knowledge there have not been any

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aflfections disinterestedly communicated by Dr. Hackem and one

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adopted of making a tent by means of the bed curtains and

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thus intravenous injections ofargentum colloidale Crede in doses of six

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these experiments it is conclusively proved that to produce purgation

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tion and inspiration are equal in length both are harsh

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foundation except in the fact that said alumnus and

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to this there was no urgent dyspnoea and the secretion from the

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scientific foundation. Here again it was AmbroisE Par

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or University recognised for this purpose by this College will

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often called to decide. He should insist upon the necessity of two full

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