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arise till after puberty when the gradual dilatation of the lateral vaginal

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Stockholm Ischaemic Heart Disease Secondary Prevention Study

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of Italy into France as far as Franche Comt Dauphind.and to

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perature of sick children and of convalescents may rise from slight causes

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lecting the sewage and carrying it to the station would consist of

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way toward developing a climate whereby last minute emer

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iJicephahis Dihrachlns. I hillips in an interesting article on

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This treatment might be instituted in all acute diar

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perform the operation of vasectomy or oophorectomy as

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cases of spastic paraplegia resulting from myelitis are disappointing to

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June. In this instance the three periods were of two days

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questionable when the cases are looked at with the interests of

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Tears of the vaginal orifice. As the foetal head emerges its stress falls

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An interdental period also is preferable to a dental period on account

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yielding to a certain quantity. All we can do is to give

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the chief features of the affection. The removal of the

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ask why in a given case the dislocated germinal matter

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with a strong plea for a more general examination of the nose

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lower than the average death rate of the ten years ending with

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this rotation is completed we find the extensor surface

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bolic acid the liquor hydrargyri nitratis acidus and a solution of qual parts

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of it perhaps two ounces and had thought it particularly good. Of

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appears to have been two hours exercise in a gymnasium it

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and postdoctoral research training in a broad range of disciplines. Approxi

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ishing by rest we have a dark interi upted clotted discharge.

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