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tion it appears very much like the cortical substance of the su
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when the craving for alcohol is greatest. It is a noticeable fact that
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In this connexion we are glad to see that the Medical Socitey of
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which there were over a thousand found in the liver there
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careful thought thorough reading and critical study my object
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and died November at half past four in the afternoon.
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distinctive features of this medical school I shall ask permis
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by the germ may be identified. On the other hand we
The cause of heart block in this case is difficult to determine.
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or cellules grumeauxgraisseux. There were but few element
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On this pait of the subject shall do little more than relate
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exclusion belonging to the executors or next of kin.
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made man he took up the profession of his father. Thoroughly
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disease and then treat the affected animal with trypanblau.
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animal was still down but I was pleased to learn that he had
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out no further gross intervention should be necessary further
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ver gt clear conception of its real significance and at

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