Samsung hopes to charm Customers with Galaxy Alpha and its Metal Frame

The South Korean company has decided to change its strategy in order to attract new customers. Thus, it dropped its plastic case in the favor of a more stylish metal frame. The new Galaxy smart phone was launched on the 13th of August 2014, after a disappointing third quarter for Samsung, which experienced quite a drop in its smart phone sales. In order to boost its sales and solve its problems the South Korean company changed the chief of its design team in the month of May.

Samsung really wants to attract new clients and for this reason it opted for the metal frame and a design that is quite different from the one of its previous products. Buyers have complained that Samsung products looked cheap in spite of their features and costs.

But, if a customer takes a more attentive look, he/she will see that the new Samsung phone is not so much different from its predecessors. The home button has not changed that much while the plastic back is a reminder of the Galaxy S5. It is true that the Korean company has made some changes but they are not that striking.

Another change consists in the weight of the phone, which has about 115 grams. It also has got a slender figure of 6.7 mm. When it comes to specs, it must be pointed out that the phone runs of Android 4.4.4. It has an Exynos processor with four cores of the ARM Cortex-A15 type, which have a power of 1.8 gigahertz. It has also got four cores of the Cortex-A7 types, having a power of 1.3 gigahertz. The screen has an acceptable wideness of 4.7 inch and a resolution of 720 pixels.

There are two cameras: one at the back having 12 megapixels and one at the front having 2.1 megapixels. There is no micro SD card slot. However, the random access memory has 2 gigabytes and an integrated storage of 32 gigabytes.

The weak points of this new Samsung smart phone are its low resolution and the small screen. However, the phone is a bit pricy. Clove, the retailer selling the product in the UK asks the sum of 500 pounds just for the preorder, tax included. The official price has not been announced yet, but the amount of money paid for the preorder hints that this will not be a cheap phone at all. Specialists consider that the price is a bit too much, considering that the phone is not that outstanding.

Samsung has declared that the Galaxy Alpha will be launched in the month of September. However, nobody knows where this phone is going to hit the stores first.

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