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who insist that man is naturally omnivorous and cannot subsist on an

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employing ether for this purpose. In thirty cases out of

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production but even if this were true the production of

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was extremely hurried and difficult and the child could not

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muscles need above all to be moved and re educated at the

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the sixth and seventh days it was subnormal again. She

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fore he came to the conclusion physiologically that we

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tions what a different people we should be what griefs and

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respect. In previous tests made at other places a number of scorings

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On the mother s side no instance of this disease could

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informed consent or complete data. Rather the program is

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On examination of the abdomen slight rigidity was observed

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factory tuberculin failed to cause a temperature reaction.

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deceit and indolence and all blameworthy conduct. Thy

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to five inches in length at first are hard and pink

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occasion to alter this opinion as typical cases of both diseases

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clusion. The treatment of pericarditis in the aged offers

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sixth month of utero gestation followed b premature

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necessity and value. Most of the instruments devised

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racteristic reactions including the reduction of the chlorides by hydri

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dominal pain and convulsions were prominent symptoms. The de

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cure of disease already established as its prevention.

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patient a man aged was admitted into hospital in consequence of

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columns below the area of compression has been noticed in a

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Her husband was industrious honest and devoted but he arrived

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son and Oscar E. Lademan. staff physicians Lindscy Denni

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epiphyseal lines which is notcartilage and will not become bone.

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any increase in the force of the current will aggravate it and a

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and others which were so graphically explained at the Inter

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vere by a modified Phelps operation. The hip joints

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hypnotism and auditory re education all failed to restore the hearing.

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