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the summers are longer and warmer. The port of Newchwang has a latitude


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anterior chamber through the interstices of the ligamen

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lieves that infants under a year should only be operated

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aesthesia it would seem that the explanation is rather that

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the International Otological Congress the Ophthalmological

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and poultice. Use white lotion corrosive sublimate sulphate of coj

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cause enough gastro duodenal irritation to provoke an actual catarrhal

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until first taken as with cholera morbus. Both of the other

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the period during which the products of the labors of the pre

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of professional improvement they suddenly found themselves

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What a devlish quality ill nature is in any body but in a

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cation of its facts by accurate olwcrvers and the deduc

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about every fourth day from about the first of May to

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nouncement of the commission s findings Cuomo said

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morning they are sometimes strewed w ith minute greyish

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the best treatment. When this drug can not be obtained salol

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have children or not was not germane to the question of

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the three public wards. It is seated to comfortably accommo

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into chronic hydrothorax the inflammation apparently subsiding

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sentative neurologists of this country and by Dr. James Taylor of

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had been turned out in the stalk field during the day and stabled

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sion is not absorbed after the temperature has been

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lie in a depression. Its form is malerially altered after

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if not quite normal over the whole of the right lung. Examination by

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but little for that kind of argument. To show however that

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While dressing five to ten ounces of hot water containing ten

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without other food to atrophic babies. The immediate effect was

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Below diaphragm the oesophagus ended in some blackened shreds of tissue and

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grapes have important practical bearings on the results

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thorough and comprehensive work is of great value in that it

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blind see. The rays have not been demonstrated to be

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pharynx were made in vain. B carrying the finger behind

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the dark places of tropical pathology. Sir Patrick Man

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tion existing between the mechanism of the soft palate

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well exemplified in the internal and fuperficial paronychia one of

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