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nent the reflexes being greatly exalted. A fly blister was

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sults. The secret of it is early manipulation but this must not

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which pernicious anaemia was not present. He exhib

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as it then is only three times daily at first two tea

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extend under the chin and behind the ears. There is no ecchymosis. The

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the field of operation as in the abdominal method. The

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better even than that of two more trustworthy witnesses than

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communication was last year addressed to the Home Secre

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erate restrictive disease with mild impairment of gas transfer as

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maintaining a high position and an extensive practice in the

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unable to digest and then after a certain interval of time

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Ducks are not subject to the same number of diseases

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general description of the region by remarking that with

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in frequency among the diseases of the rectum is found in the

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acid. His former plan of treatment was to place the patients

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used in placental extraction the hands were not intro

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had diminished and as he complained of burning heat about

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Langley discovered appreciated and partially succeeded in applying

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constitute the agents of greatest activity in the resorption of the de

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numerous larger nucleated and often stellate or polygonal.

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tion should be repeated at twenty five most especially if that

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Catarrhus catarrhus Tcsica of various authors so denominated from

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for two or three days before vaccination. There was

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III recognise this branching of the artery. The inferior thyroid artery

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modation was very defective. The following practical remarks

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ating pain which it produces. With regard to the medical

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Of late however far better results than had ever before been attained

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were covered with atheromatous deposit. The aortic valves

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ance. Their cuboidal epithelium is spreading out from

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profuse purulent discharge from the wound for several

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Remarks. The operative treatment of tumours of the long bones has

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reconstruction of the entire fabric of statistical soci

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adjacent parts of the brain to become directly involved

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whips are found situated on the outside of the mass.

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exaggerated and very persistent even after one inhalation the face

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present but my impression from several trials was that it was

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versally that first the child must be a good physical machine. There

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vomiting for six months. She was thin complexion pale yel

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nation positive. Spirochetes abundant in the liver.

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yielding to a certain quantity. All we can do is to give

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due to embolism of single bacterial loops in the glomeruli by the

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fectly without any assumption to didactic style and despite the

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