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red pepper vinegar and water. More powerful in changing the cha

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iting. Wheezing and sibilant sounds or blowing rales are heard

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and the tissues beneath it subcutis tendons tendon sheaths

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clumped. They were pinhead but sometimes extended in almost

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tion and claims to have discovered a special microbe

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Forgetfulness is usually a noticeable symptom and failure of

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lost upon the post wall of the pharynx is inflamed. The drum

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susceptible of very marked alterations of adaptation in which colour free

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considered the fibrous the most certainly and speedily fatal of

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article amp c. he presents the following recipe as one eminently successful

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appeared sick but did not roll or thrash around and was

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twenty fifth of an inch millimetre or more in thick

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after removal of the appendages he subsequently removed

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in the usual proportions. The line of experiment will be to

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out of the question and the comparatively small and in

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tains rather much albumen but furnishes only little organic

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ing branch of the facial distributed to the platysma the

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surgeons of considerable note. I am in the habit as

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In hot water heating there are two systems low pressure and high

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shaking of the head the mutilation of the utricle or aquaeduct

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are removed till there is a clean bleeding surface over the

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as concerns the occurrence of minimum temperatures

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large lamifying vessels. Palpation gave so distinctive a feeling of fluctu

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dition or even that they destroy the bacterial life. It

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