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the humerus failure of Brainard s operation and of the

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HORSE except through the capillaries of the liver but in the solipeds

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ableness of medical benefit applying to this country. How

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more convenient both for ear and for throat work than

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concerned in the regular occupation. There are few constitutional

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Carminative A medicine allaying pain generally due to an accumula

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ter Minn. per cent were for some variety of tubercu

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Fifty five minutes after atropin was given the sino atrial block Fig. had

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that chemistry and the study of chemistr have had on the

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diagnosed to be malignant disease of the omentum but the

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tongue affected animals may nevertheless remain for a long


cases in which a much distended tube can be recognized.

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tis and in dogs through needles which work their way from the

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speedily the lungs are destroyed. The I nglish annually make fresh

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the ship again treated with bichloride and fumigation. No other casi

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quite a different matter from admitting a loss of me

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occupied the chair and gave a very interesting address on

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This case is mentioned not only on account of its unusual

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skeletal abnormalities In the perinatal postnatal studies

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Sydenham that diarrhoea exercises a beneficial influence during

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Larvae at the end of days showed a marked growth Fig. and

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mindful that in the treatment of erysipelas the great

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ment of Agriculture at the department s Morgan horse farm

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the same proportion of case syncope and gangrene alone are men

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polished rice. At the end of sixty days kakke devel

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ZINC. Sulphate of Zinc white vitriol CJiloride of Zinc Burnett s

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Attorney General and the medical members of the Legislative

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lie expressed himself as highly gratified with the arrangement

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insanity among the present generation of school children in

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divided. The trachea was quite flattened out and could be readily

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organized into a thickened pleura. I did not discover such a deposit

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were found in the sputum in large quantities. Pulmon

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in their remote antiquity and in their actual use more than

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and flexed at the interphalangeal joints. Sensation was

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is quite unaffected and the interstitial cells are conspicuous in number.

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