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exceptional cases as such. The broad principles of truth
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it was a select kind of practice and above all vulgar
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eruption may be scanty or copious and then often confluent into large
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the welfare of charitable institutions in general and of hospitals in
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health of the mother and the period of gestation reached.
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suspected endometritis. He emphasizes the fact that a
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This positively spells of medievalism and is no credit to the pro
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lungs pulmonary apoplexy amp c. When confined to the inferior
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Fever in all animals is characterized by the game general ohenomena.
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Schick reaction and wei e injected with toxin antitoxin
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watery and offensive and no doubt sufliciently septic to poison the blood
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extremely complicated romantic and ambitious reveries. Thus the
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Bellevu. Hospital the result of the inhalation of ether.
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ical Patieni s. Dr. Zenkevich of Kieff formulates the
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favor cannot be executed without the previous erection of a vast
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ted to cast a doubt upon its invariable innocuousness. Deter
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Te.mi erance Instruction in Schools. The United Kingdom
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produce very unpleasant symptoms. The male is much smaller than
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with its head to the open air from which it evidently obtains
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faces are invaded at once but even when the thermometer shows no
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School of Veterinary Medicine. The director also serves as director University of Maryland
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extent depth and number which sometimes perforate the bowel. The
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Schuffner s dots eosinophilic granules in the infected erythrocytes.
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Charles Jefferson Frey New York Oscar Ilarrv Gratz Penn
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this stream was noticeable. In one of these countless bends
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blistered on the back of the neck bowels freely evacuated after which
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Experimeni. The dog was prepared in the same way as in the
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once attained amounts of toxin equal to double the initial dosage may be
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Treatment. Treatment in the majority of cases termin
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Cerehro spinal meningitis is a prolific source of non
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ment of usual health rapidly supervened and continued
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necessarily difficult to treat. The functional were
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cooking purposes. It was found on analysis that this
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affected with the connective tissue degeneration described. He
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towards tlie close of the eighteenth century in conse

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