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entire peritoneal cavity. The patient s condition was
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some way responsible for the severity of the epidemic
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interesting papers are brought out we all know how much
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authority has its primary location in the cerebro spinal centres
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stuffs and hence the determination of the final products of digestive
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tients transient hypotension in about palpitation in about and syncope in about.
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at Harvard University GM developed a mathematical model of circa
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the premises remain undisinfect.ed and each one is liable
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brid e. But their earnings are very scanty often nothing at.all is
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megrim nervous deafness epilepsy various paralyses and so forth. Though
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tali detle simpatioho e sopra un casod alienazione mentale
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Stimson. Treatment of fracture of the patella. Annals of Sur
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and whenever febrile and spasmodic symptoms are present we
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retary Live Stock Sanit aiy Board St. Paul Minn. gave infor
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Willard Parker Hospital but no new lesions had been
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in the infection of some water tieas Daphnia by a kind of
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Hospital Public Hospital Medical Officer of such Institution
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tion as a cause almost more than any other growth. In this
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had not had more or less p gt elvic pain. The tubes and
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tonitis. He further indicates the uncertainties dependent upon
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Notwithstanding these defects the book contains much valuable
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was ready with technical expressions and facile in making what
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front of the h mnier ran Iw M lt cn withuui ttraiKtit
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ing it on account of the great interest attaching to the subject at
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from below upwards. It only now remains to dissect the tissue
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The second volume of this sysrtem of treatment has been
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cured four out of six cases while P an of Paris gives
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waters of their tributaries the tributaries of the lesser streams
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lancet. The abstraction of even a few drops of blood
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stool and carefully inspected from end to end the entire area of each
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next object which demands the attention of Dr. Physick is the com
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be received with perfect cordiality. Well they weren t.
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Hamilton had made the measurements and that he was a man who
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sible etiologicnl factor although thoy do not offer sufficient positive
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these agents was due to their respective tonic and upholding in
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proportion to cases occur in the later as compared with the earlier
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culosis but also tubercular lesions in the lungs and liver perihepatitis
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tissue round about and leave a definite cavity in the brain
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sions. There was none. We beg pardon fhere wxs one ambulance
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as it might have been and I considered that all the symp

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