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can not be made to move. Finally they are unable to rise

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down. Half minute readings are now made. The temperature of the slide

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scribed salivation for serous inflammations and which sought to

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In the first lecture a brief history of the development of know

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Author of Curiosities of the Church Old Time Punishments

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Opium has for many years been employed as a physiological anti

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that the paper be referred to a committee for publication. Dr. Jones

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of the Ova and the structure of the Ovary in Man and other

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then folded over and the remaining fluid pressed out. The turbid

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tion does not mark a crisis emmenagogues are not called for the flow

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at night with feverishness which lasts several days

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of the Sloth presents in the remaining portions of the

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not relax its activity until the whojle destruction it is ca

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H ypothetis ENTERITIS we shall havc a general type of fever accord

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this site tlie distant hills can be seen reaching the sky.

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wants of acting inspectors and of other persons desirous of ob

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who have liadtinfeermittent fever. r tfos. jf fo fi amp U

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If the males and females are considered separately the proportion

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surveillance or direction of mutual assurance against the mortality of

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followed by collapse and death in four or five days. The

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which consist entirely of gelatinous substance. It is

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the condition in one of the city hospitals. Recurrence

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there was a suspicion of simulation. The attacks gradu

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first experienced soon gives place to the condition known

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as one of typhoid fever with secondar infection with the staphylococcus

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sometimes seen in epidemic poliomyelitis and so the disease may

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womb is flabby and large with a tendency to flexion

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jfile a formal complaint against a physician and subsequent

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cases in which no operation was undertaken only one died before

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the color remains. In this way an accurate end point may be reached.

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organs does not ofier any new or special indication for treatment

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were often difficult to be obtained by the members of the

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Congestion and inflammation of a portion of the mucous membrane

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gray color. Some were highly vascular and showed irregularly dis

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The new Cleveland General Hospital on Woodland avenue

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Dislocation of one or both ovaries as the result of per

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sources it would appear that ordinary cultivations are

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and the two Lymans now repose side by side in the cemetery of

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