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turbance of the parts which is best done by keeping the

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and the daily smearing of boric ointment over the operation wounds.

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The shape of the foreign body would not allow it to close completely

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handkerchief used in blowing the nose. This process

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frequent is for a patient to come under observation with general dropsy that

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extensive death as the result of the progress. In this re

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and the diet to be gruel and tea. The lochia were moderate. She

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concluded that any or all the lesions can be devel

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bacterin made from pneumococci grown in the living body is superior

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leucocytes which circulate through the lymph glands their length is about fa.

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thesia the opsonic index against various organisms was worked out.

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tions of the valves and to form an opinion as regards the extent

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industry. The ideal time is before beginning work. From a practical

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about November. One hundred and twenty six definitely proven

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trailing brushes which ones act as sectors. Finally the

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late Sir William Roberts was disappointing. Arsenic

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the new liospital wings at.Tames Murray s Royal A.sylum

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restoring worn out stomachs. A correspondent to the Pharmaceu

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latter which vvras presented by Dr. Lyon Playfair on May th is as

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presence of the predisposing causes alone and in the absence of

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for glycosuria but probably opium and its alkaloid should hold first

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It makes np beds to which can be added if required. The

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in scientific medicine president elect of the American Medi

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All means that could be taken to arrest the haemorrhage were

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animals. He found that when perforating peritonitis was produced

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of the hospital which is located in a poor district.

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animal began to eat. In nineteen cases out of twenty a perfect

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medical speculation been adopted as true and acted on bond

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