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wounds in military surgery. The conditions on the western

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In children under general anaesthesia I might say that almost

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fession and immortalising themselves. It is almost unnecessary we

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crepitation without a bad symptom remaining but the case

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that the investigators who have interested themselves

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it well forwards against the anterior abdominal wall I was able

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room should be well ventilated. The sweating process usually occu

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troubled with feelings of numbness in the left shoulder.

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diately opposite to it upon the posterior wall there is a

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per cent. had not been inoculated or had a previous

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derelictions. Good old soul her brain reels at the incessant chat

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the hypobromite corresponds with that of the outside

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body. The evolutionary development of the nervous system has indi

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Accepting these as indications of the dividing lines between successive

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able to rapidly and safely plunge our patient into temporary

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varying degree directly applied immediately over an

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he studied medicine abroad and took the degree of M.D. at

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Empyema. The mortality rate in empyema at this hospital has been per cent.

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culae of connective tissue. This is most prominent in cases

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to recall that during the physiologic rhythm of Figure the T wave

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moderate fees for medical attendance. The institution has

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an excellent practice and by frugality and economy left a clever com

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crystallizes out and may be purified by the usual methods

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In the instruction of the cadets the future officers of the Cu

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Brunswick but the opaque capsule still covered the pupil with the exception

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til the discover of the Amoeba coli or dyseitlcrics

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