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of the hips and back are useful. In the way of medi

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Occasionally there is nystagmus and if the hemorrhage

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acid excretion are lessened and that digestion is im

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Dr. T. took his leave of the Count and the Countess

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tuberculosis is a specific infective disease is only of recent date

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nails as it seemed applicable to cases in which the ends

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tails. One cannot touch on the subject el physiology in the year

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passage of Aristotle which first suggested to him the idea.

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head should not be raised. It is not expedient to remove more than

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The rapid growth of the British Medical Association

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to conjoin washing out of the stomach and the adminis

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may have been no certain figns of fuch a coUedion of matter owing

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recent praduate an impliei misrepresentation is made.

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neither was a surgeon admitted into society nor toler

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the last twenty two years. Course of Instruction Tlie course of instruc

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tion where contraction would ordinarily be expected hemianopic

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condition may sometimes also be due to some contagious

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detail the waters of La Bourboule Mont Dore and Chatel Guy on.

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disease his skill had so often overcome in others being at as

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a genuine artide the sin of prescribing them becomes so

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Larvae at the end of days showed a marked growth Fig. and

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bounds of easy writing and become ridiculous and abusive.

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Malformation and imperfect development of the generative organs

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tory du l. Thus mercury internally promotes an increafed falivation

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tables and fruits is considered to be equally important with

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after history of the disorder obtained from reliable sources in the

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command respect. It would ensure British recognition. It

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of the soil they are of indigenous growth diflferingin their etiology

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has been thoroughly acknowledged in the Medical CoUege

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Characters in health The dorsum of the tongue Funglform and filiform

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