JD.Com and Tencent team up For Chinese Xbox One Pre-Orders

One of the largest e-commerce companies based in China, JD.Com, has teamed up with Tencent to make possible the Xbox pre-order on Chinese territory. The devices will be available for a specific group of buyers from Monday till Wednesday.

JD.com officially announced that people who use Tencent’s WeChat (Weixin to the Chinese) and the messaging services known as Mobile QQ will have the possibility to fill-in prior orders for the Xbox One. The users who want to new gadget will have to pay a deposit about 81 US dollars before the pre-order. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that JD.com did not made public the official price of these consoles, which in the US cost approximately 500 US dollars.

The vice president of JD.com, Shuang Du, declared that the launching of the Xbox One on Chinese territory was an example of how sophisticated the young Chinese consumers had become.

This is a very important event for Chinese gadget fans due to the fact that the government banned in 2000 the sales of video game consoles like PlayStation, Wii or Xbox. The Chinese government based its decision on the fact that video games had the power to damage the users’ mental well-being.

China Telecom announced on Friday (July the 25th) that it was going to sell the Xbox consoles starting with the month of September. The company declared that it was going to be the sole carrier partner for Xbox on Chinese territory. China Telecom also said that the users would have to sign a broadband subscription contract if they wanted to gain accesses to the gaming experience offered by the Xbox.

In spite of the fact that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released on the market at the same time, the Xbox did the unfortunate performance of trailing the sales of the PlayStation 4 all over the world.

Sony declared on its PlayStation Twitter account that its console was the one that the Americans favored the most. Sony was not bragging at all since the PlayStation managed to remain on top for the sixth month a row.

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