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afterwards commit the like offence his name and address shall be pub

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own. Subject to proper safeguards there should be power in

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the alcoholic treatment had been started on the mother a few weeks

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the fauces and we will consider the faucial tonsils only in this paper.

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to state before courts tin t xad amount of the shortening.

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thrown upon this point by Malkmus when he asserts in his

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bone had evidently fallen into the larynx during a meal and

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in two cases peripheral contraction of the field and in six cases

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the bromids with preparations of valerian are the most valuable agents.

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as secondary although Lupine leans to the view that a specific typhoid

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ored greasy and loose stools may be present with undigested food as

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of physiology a misfortune that has arisen from too great a

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these processes has been described by Bernheim Sidis and

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should be used. Little wrote his Treatise on the Nat

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the fauces and we will consider the faucial tonsils only in this paper.

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up and out through the lower end of the divided artery unless

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that the situation of the patient rendered it necessary that the

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witnessed the greatest suffering with the least complaint the

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The chief and most striking symptoms are great prostration of

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this proportion for killing the long round worms and bots in

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Of measures which stimulate the glandular activity in chronic dys.

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the syr.iptoms of the di ease very speedily. T e following for

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saying that his present condition with excruciating

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The Use of the Rays in Surgery is undertaken by Prof. Keen.

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in the radical cure for infantile umbilical hernia.

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