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solution of cocaine hydrochlorate was applied to the

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pneumococcus. The filtrate of the very virulent pneumococcus tested

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evening its paw S stretched out breathing not to be discerned

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emotions set in motion nervous currents which stimulate blood brain

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and purgatives. Two cases of Sir Thomas Watson s may here be quoted.

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knowledge of the existence of such a disease would have brought to those

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of the solution. Prepared in this way the catgut pre

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that Dr. Rutherford was one of them and as Professor of

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occurs spontaneously without the intervention of con

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pulmonary vein which causes symptoms of cough hemop

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they were somewhat swollen. In two of the latter three cases the color

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Spinal Cord Senilo Gangrene Perinephritic Abscess and other diseases of malnutrition. No

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both the foetal and maternal surfaces being equally exposed.

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behind him for reference if he should in the meantime

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all the cases. There has been less pain after the operation and the

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tically of the same character witli evidence of good

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that pulmonary tuberculosis was rare in persons suffering

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Williams reports three cases of postpartum hemorrhage

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and rust do not corrupt and thieves do not break through and

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tell you how faithfully they have kept the promise of its

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achondroplasia and is of especial interest due to the definite

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found the best method ol spreading blood to be that re

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tho consequence of inflammati lt n. But another fonn exists at

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upon the integrity of our principles and the experience of

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self generally as an earnest and honest exponent of facts

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The bacillus may enter the lung in such small numbers that the disease

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without a single accident may be considered as a defi

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the morphine habit always an undesirable situation to deal with

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understood let us inquife briefly into largely within their own bodies

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the vessel was again exposed and a ligature applied. The

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tion was one of most severe and persistent nephral

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