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microscopic examination made of the flesh of their animals.

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changes were found that could be ascribed to the action

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manner that a part of the capsule and so considerable

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certain symptoms they will cure disease showing similar

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enduring his kicking rearing and plunging until from

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more healthful conditions than they were before the

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inhalations may be tried but Saundby has little faith in

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elements. The pecuhar character of the organs tissues and ana

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be absolutely necessary that is that there is no other

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His health which had always been delicate proved unequal

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the union of the two common iliacs A. Below this point

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normal secretion and during the intervals it generally is

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medieval barbarism of filthy medication and beastly

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make such appropriations but the farm bureaus of Winne

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properly indigestible in consequence of the insoluble nature of their

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ries of Newton and Boyle we find that this strange doc

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established. Often severe pains attack the chest and in such casea

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with extreme caution laying over at any stage where he might feel the

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fragrant flowers and a rougher darker sour and hitter

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to the evidence of Miss Houghton before the Committee of

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turpentine to be given and continued through the day which brought away

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hard to extract those interested would be well repaid for

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sions at least one month before the opening of the Congress to

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the lower bowel. He had seen prolapse of the lower part of the

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less complete atrophy of the diseased portions of the cho

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Cooper Medical College and two years at the Los Angeles

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clinical lecturing in medicine first and foremost subsequently in surgery obstetrics

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set aside but to go still farther and consider that the patho

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other took grains in one day Maclagan Eclectic Medical Journal

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knees begin to tremble and the horse commences to blow.

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early period only one month from the terrible reaction

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neurohjgical phenomena resulting fioin latent sy hili.s may be

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treated by different surgeons are now on record in none of

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attack have been in winter it may in certain cases be advisable to

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every instance should certainly be carried out in the more obstinate and

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