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skillful bacteriologist failed to detect the influenza bacil
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that in some way it is connected with the crowding together
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pharynx which becomes reduced in sensibility so that mucus accu
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appearance or disappearance of the attack and the situa
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be sharp and definite. Dulness and changes in the breath sounds below the
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Dr. Sutherland s paper was entitled Why Do We Eat What Should We
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To cure a Bog of the Mange. Give him flour of brim
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individual will universally be assured by alienists. Let then
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the superintendents in enforcing sanitary improvements upon
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diet injections etc. but without effect. Her nutrition was
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line. The edge was not felt. No tenderness was pres
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times when they are comparatively small they get absorbed
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know any more than our ancestors did a hundred years
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severe pain in rectum. For three wee ks has had drawing pain
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knows he has gonorrhea use the fact of his having it.
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an apparently equal way the syncytium seems to act in what is
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may occur in polycystic kidney disease and with multiple
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frofession at large. When iron disagrees arsenic may be iven instead
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fetlock oftener than any other articulation. Eheumatism
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precipitated in the form of scales. Hot nitric acid completely
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yet the attendance was quite general. It is extremely gratifying after
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lieved to have had cholics or even convulfions confequent to the
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What conditions give to the system immunity from the
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pleura of the rabbit in relatively large doses it would produce a

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