Galaxy Note 4 Mysteries to be cleared on September 3rd

It has been said that Samsung Galaxy S5 does not have very impressive sales. However this is not at all connected with the quality of the gadget. Lots of analysts and buyers considered that the smart phone’s design is a bit out-dated and the TouchWiz is a bit annoying. However, these are small inconveniences in comparison with the saving modes of the battery, with the fact that the phone is designed to resist the impact of water and dusts. Also the camera having an ISCCELL technology and sixteen megabytes and the GS 5 make the Samsung Galaxy S5 one of the best smart phones on the marker, very hard to compete with.

However, one must not forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is supposed to hit the market in the month of September. Last year, the Korean Company announced its phablet during the IFA Conference held in the German capital of Berlin. This year the company has something else in its mind: a pre-IFA presentation of the new gadget. Thus, the phone will be announced on the 3rd of September 2014. The Korean company has started to send out invitations already.

This new gadget, the Galaxy Note 4 is considerate to be the ultimate Samsung device for this year and most specialists are sure that it will have some features that will amaze buyers. The Galaxy Note 4 will have a large display of 5.7 inch, similar to all other Samsung products. This device will be special due to its Quad HD resolution.

The gadget will be equipped with a processor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 type. This is going to make the on-screen graphics even better and the batter is going to have a longer life. Samsung decided not to use a Quad HD for its device considering the poor results obtained by LG and its LG G3. The battery of this gadget last for about six hours at a maximum.

The new Samsung gadget will be equipped with a front-facing camera having 3.68 Mp and with a back camera having 16 MP. However, the back camera utilizes the sensor of the Sony Exmor camera and not the ISOCELL technology that belongs to Samsung. Nonetheless, there might be confusion between the rumors referring to the Note 4 and the ones making reference to the latest Galaxy Smart Phone.

The Galaxy Note 4 is going to have UV ray sensors to help the users identify the amount of UV raise that might be harmful for the skin. The S-Health will be present as well. This application registers the environment temperature and tells the user if it is appropriate or not. The UV ray sensor is ideal for sunbath fans. The S-Health is a very valuable application since it allows users to register the level of their stress during the day and the sleep patterns during the night. Fitness enthusiasts will probably use the smart watches they have and the Galaxy smart phones in order to keep a track of their fitness activity.

Rumors claim that the Note 4 will come in two models. Thus, there will be the Note 4 with the AMOLED display which will probably hit the store in early September and the Note 4 with a flexible display which will be available later in the year.

September 3rd – A grand date for Samsung Products

 In early spring the South Korean company announced that the new Galaxy S5 will hit the stores having a somewhat different design, since customers required something slightly more elegant. Customers have also shown an increase interest in all types of tech accessories.

The September 3rd event will be focused on other gadgets as well. Thus, many say that the Gear 3 smart watch will also be a star of the Samsung gala. The Gear VR headset will probably be there too.

The Samsung smart watch has been accompanied by lots of rumors. Some have claimed that the Korean Company has had in plans to launch a cellular connect wearable named Gear Solo. If the gadget is going to be revealed on the 3rd of September, it will definitely change the universe of smart watches, since the device does not need Bluetooth connectivity.

The unveiling of the Samsung Gear VR headset is not such a huge surprise. Lots of pictures of the gadgets invaded various website and the partnership with Facebook and Oculus is no longer a secret. Samsung will probably provide the hardware while Oculus the software.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will not hit the market all by itself. It will be accompanied by some really geeky gadgets like the Galaxy Alpha.  More and more details will be available as the month of September approaches.



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