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blood change which in one case showed itself in pur

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Mydriatics are agents which produce dilatation of the

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bone had evidently fallen into the larynx during a meal and

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sa wuen the muscles of the front of the forearm are

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not unfrequently separates into two halves which can

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Oxford whose crest of the blue boar Yerres badge of the

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Great names at the same time graced the literature of our country.

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cated elevations of the size of a split pea containing a cheesy substanc

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Stoney points out that since the beginning of the war

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nor allowed to fall back into continued contact with the eye

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Such simplicity of Treatment has taken much time and

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lars left subclavian and left axillary veins. The location extent

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passed through the membrane into the distilled water where

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fibrous bands or rough walls a fact which might explain


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crease of expenditure would conduce to the dispersion of a

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or two small patches of atheroma. The aortic segments were thickened.

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here an excellent field for work which whether it be along the lines

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Stearosan is santalol combined with stearic acid. It is an

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tongue feels thick speech becomes difficult and the lower jaw falls

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boring venules or perhaps even by an active constriction of the arteri

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cord scarcely moved at all whilst its fellow advanced well to the

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really jrcat disooNeries has been and will no doubt continue

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the measures advised for the rigor of pleurisy but if the malady

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case of which was associated with gout. In other words renal disorders either

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between China and Japan the contrasting features of the

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tened edges adhering to the parts denuded by ulceration

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animals oxygen is inspired carbonic acid is expired and

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Society. This paper was afterwards published in the form of a pamphlet and

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