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NOTICE. Let all our readers understand that we have offered them

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who apparently contracted the fever from washing soiled cloth

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tributions to this question has been made from the records of Henry I.

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benefit obtained from the use of this diaig wa s dne to the

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all day. The patient came under my care tlirough Mr. Hol

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between the two attacks the urine was drawn off with careful

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material. In the times of Sir Astley Cooper and Desault we

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fenforial power termed volition refiding in any particular fibres

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the light of such an hysterical element in the clin

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second year of existence. The cost of running the hos

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so loosely applied to the fabric that it is easily detached

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will not be necessary to continue treatment for a very

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Dr. Samuel I have a young boy here who was referred to

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is painful so that the sufferer sometimes attributes his dyspnosa to

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convenience of the greatest number of pharmacists and labora

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twenty fourth report of the Bureau of Animal Industry has

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accident in the third compensation was refused because the disability

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fulness on particular topics. In the muscles paralytic

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Frizes and Appointments. T ne William Tite Scholarship

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not recognized. A case given by Furstner illustrates

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unnecessary as also does the even more hypothetical and improb

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that of Madeira the Canary Islands and Teneriffe or a dry one

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ing the swmtinfj stage of this paroxysm not less than

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of the Franco Prussian war and from the personal records of observing

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seasons of the year viz. after the melting of the snow in spring

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street. All draughts of cold air must be excluded. The touch of a

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tions of the tegumentary system which perform similar func

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statement which in spite of contradiction was not only adhered

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as follows Primary variolar infection is with few exceptions a pre

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an overweening fondness for praising the medicine of

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Diagnosis. The following symptom group will pretty well estab

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wall of a wound and obtain it practically free from phagocytes.

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general readers for whom it is professedly designed for we very much doubt

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Cattle sheep and goats are susceptible. The virus which is pres

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