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Medical Matters at the In ntitut EyyptieH. Ocariutomy at

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mast be observed to prevent wounding any of them and conse

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considerable and clinical as well as experimental evidence in

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Hospital Staten Island. About he settled in private prac

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Tillaux surgeon to the Hotel Dieu and by two prosect eurs. More

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ableness of medical benefit applying to this country. How

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processes causing phthisis dyspepsia cirrhosis etc. The

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test. Pregnancy Category C There are no adequate and well controlled studies

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personal liberty of the subject and the present forms are sufficient.

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dinarily large dose of the anesthetic particularly chloroform or that

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lution of September the post of Director General was

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but nephritis is not the cause of eclampsia. In southern latitudes

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orifice the muscles are also increased in number and in size.

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commoner in females than in males. In children it is decidedly

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deck of this ship between the outer and main deck when only

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thema has gradually disappeared the epidermis of the palpebrac

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his ilk and attack the church and while maintaining that they

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tendant speedily make a rapid recovery that has been

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return and when seen six weeks subsequently the patient is

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butic corrupt and fetid attended with Sharpnefs and Pain.

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goes the same changes that the whole of the lung undergoes in

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excretion of the percentage of the calcium of the food just as occurs

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chian obstruction and that such symptoms are overcome by

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Resolved That the thanks of the Convention be given to Dr.

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were ascribed to chronic alcoholic neuritis. His wife had

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Case of Porencephalon in which Trephining was Done. By

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of cases in such localities is shown by the frequency of deaths from

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fuse the students. Morphota and scleroderma a classed

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whether the patient was plethoric or the reverse wliether he

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of chronic alimentary disorders. We do not believe however that

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and I agreed that an exploration of this region was advisable.

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