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once the manifestation of pain in the animal. As bearing

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of materially increasing the active membership. The enrolknent

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who must remain in the horizontal position for upwards of five

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always did know how to handle and produce healthy babies.

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all aware that of transmissible hereditary tendencies that of a defective

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Habitual resistance of the peristaltic movement ends by enfeebling

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is indicated. If the origin is gastric a course of alkalies followed later

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ocular ipeftra the auricular murmurs and the evanefcent titil

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for these cases we must ask ourselves the question Was it

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ber last intended merely to prove that Dr. Milroy did

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SCHON FIELD Jacob Clinical Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry

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UsiVKBSiTV OF Edinburoh. Second Profebsional Examikation April. The follow

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Recalling the immoralities of Greece and the barbari

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in the radical cure for infantile umbilical hernia.

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the welfare of charitable institutions in general and of hospitals in

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logical products exudates and extravasations and improves the

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Morbid A state of disease an unnatural state as morbid humors a

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structure and an upsetting of the sequence in which the

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love affairs in order to swoop down upon her lovers for


things which require your attention. In the first place you should

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In no instance did a dog which recovered show signs of

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