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great majority of cases its victims are of tuberculous pa

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ally one of the blood and since it is specifically epi

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amount of phosphate of lime was excreted by the kidneys. The modern

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tural Experiment Station Wooster Ohio has received an ap

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his former condition. Therefore when it was found necessary to

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few seconds there are symptoms of irritation and inflam

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patient could not write to his wife or concentrate his mind on

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that they lead when effective to the same goal viz. to what

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him twice daily fir a period of five months when coin

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The common ounce nursing bottle filled to a depth of. cm. containing

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had enjoyed excellent health for sixty years although his bowels had been

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polished rice. At the end of sixty days kakke devel

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duction of antibodies biologic actions of various or

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plomas Avere granted to seventeen pupils who passed the

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germicidal action and still leave behind the peculiar body

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through his skin his complexion a beautiful pink is

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night and dietetic errors avoided so that relapses may

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t No part of medical knowledge is so serviceable in the practice

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clouded and sopor drowsiness paralysis and death super

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condition is most commonly seen in animals possessed of a highly sensitive

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haemorrhage but in a considerable number of cases tem

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orthodox school confine the divine revelations of the Bible only to its religious

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sociated with dilatation of its blood vessels and prolifera

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guarded against especially in persons suffering with

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Incorijorated in. No active etlbi ts were made until

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