Android might be used to save Windows Phone

Microsoft is working hard to make its operating system for phones more and more popular among users. Thus, the HTC One M8 running on Windows Phone has already been launched. But, the rival operating system might have to save Windows Phone out of its latest move to gain more shares of the smart phone market.

Microsoft wants to speed up the introduction of devices functioning on Windows Phone. The company delivered very clear this message when it presented the HTC One M8 running on its operating system. Microsoft has managed to tweak its Windows Phone 8.1 so as to function on devices created for the Android operating system.

In the past four years, Microsoft struggled to introduce Windows Phone as an operating system for smart phones and tried to be a dangerous rival for the extremely iOS and Android operating systems. Unfortunately, for Microsoft phones running on Windows Phones are still niche devices. They represented only 2.5 per cent of the global smart phone market during the second financial quarter of 2014.

Microsoft has tried to convince hardware manufacturers to produce phones functioning on its operating system. But phone producers are not very eager to spend money on phones functioning on Windows Phone because there are few customers. But the operating system will never become popular if there are no devices using it. If the pattern is not broken, Microsoft will experience quite a loss on the smart phone market. Thus, the solution is to find other phone makers besides Nokia.

The launch of the HTC One M8 functioning on Windows Phone points out that Microsoft is tackling a new approach to its problem.

A New Strategy

The Microsoft representatives claim that the company had started its campaign to convince phone producers to use Windows Phone before it started its collaboration with HTC. The Windows Phone 8.1 released earlier this year offers software which has soft keys instead of the hard buttons. The Microsoft representative claimed that there were fourteen products expected to use the redesigned Windows Phone. Some of these gadgets will have Android hardware reshaped to function with the software of Windows Phone.

The strategy is better for phone producers. With the previous version of the Windows Phone operating system they had to build an entire new hardware. For companies like HTC which are having serious problems due to the massive competition of Apple and Samsung, the creation of two separate phones functioning on different operating systems might be a real problem. If HTC has the possibility to sell the Android and the Windows Phone version of the same phone model it would save the company lots of money.

It is also important to point out that the design and the features of Android gadgets are one step ahead of the ones belonging to Windows Phone. The president of the HTC America, Jason Mackenzie, declared that the HTC One M8 running on Windows Phone was the first high end gadget functioning on several operating systems without having made compromises of any kind. Mackenzie agreed that it was quite a challenge to build up a smart phone by using the previous version of Microsoft’s operating system for phones.

The president of HTC America said that it was important for customer to actually benefit from a choice. Thus, HTC decided to go for a phone running on Windows Phone despite its tiny market share. For the moment customers can choose between a HTC functioning on Android and another one using Windows Phone. Although, Microsoft and HTC have a history together, HTC decided to create a phone running on Windows Phone only in the autumn of 2012. Mackenzie explained that the delay was caused by the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft. Last year Microsoft made public its intention to buy the Finish Company for 7.2 US billion dollars.

Microsoft’s decision to sack 18,000 employees, most of them working for the Nokia division hints that the company is not going to base its smart phone strategy on Nokia and therefore needs other partners, like HTC.  Although, Nokia makes qualitative phones, Microsoft needs more if it wants to get an important share of the smart phone market.

Putting the Strategy into Practice

The HTC and the Microsoft representative met in January 2014 in order to discuss their future relationship. They decided to use the new Windows Phone 8.1 on the Android hardware used for the creation on the new high-end HTC smart phone.

Microsoft needs to attract more phone manufacturers and find a way to make easier for them to use its operating system. Verizon also observed the same gap in hardware. For the time being Verizon, commercializes Nokia Lumia 928 and Nokia Lumia Icon. The Verizon representative, Jeff Dietel, said that the devices were great but the HTC One franchise was in another category for Verizon. He also pointed out that the clients of his company wanted more possibilities when choosing their smart phone. Customers wanted both hardware and software choices.

Due to this efforts and the to the ones of Qualcomm which has managed to create a processor functioning on both Windows and Android phones it would be more economical to create handsets for each and every platform by making use of the same hardware.

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