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itself into tlie.subcutaneous connective tissue lifting up the skin and forming

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legs and throaty of a pale plumbeous colour occasioned

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In Koch immortalized himself by the discovery of a micro

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Baslow Hydropathic Establisliment near Chatsworth Park Derby

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and hastening epitheliali ation. and is therefore applicable as a

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varied individually. The gas or air did not necessarily

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only by the amount oi lumen siccum intellectual intuition

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edges in this issue of The Journal the contribution.s

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furnish the elements needed in clotting to lessen acidosis to

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are made by means of the dynamo ergograph which re

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syringe. Iy custom is to allow the atient to swallow the capsule

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HOLMES BAYARD. The Bacteriological Examination of an

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and on high ground. I was sui prised to find such a close

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individual was dominated by hunger and love and the

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elements of the tube muscular fibres and epithelial cells were actually

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diflScuIt to be cured it fields more readily to remedies properly ap

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office a deficiency of less than thirty five dollars in the whole

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ordinary urine for I thought U was normally found only in the hors.

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hospital F ortv third Infantrv United States Volunteers Tacloban Levt P. I.

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points to this. It would interest me to hear if any meml

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mingled with the saliva and is thus swallowed in constantly repeated

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After lt aoh operaticm the s irface pie ented a dark and

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in young dogs following omphalitis. In the Monats heft fur

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chronic metallic poisonings. The extent of the resorbent action

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of the British Medical Association Clayton Accrington Pro

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being so united we may work to elevate the profession here

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had returned home and had not done well but he doubted

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a part of a general constitutional malady is the keynote

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